Machinery Care Products

Coratex HT - Introduction - Important Features - Advantages - After Sales Support

For over 30 years, Coratex has led the way as the most effective and cost-efficient emulsion for the purging and cleaning of plastics processing machinery.

The savings are effective immediately when you start using Coratex because you will eliminate excessive downtime and high use of materials. With Coratex you will have identifiable production efficiencies.

Because it keeps screws and barrels, dies, heads and nozzles clean and free of build up, Coratex also reduces the frequency of machine strip downs, thereby increasing the lifespan of the valuable internal working components of your machinery.

Coratex HT has an orange scent and improved heat stability, remaining stable at temperatures up to 400o Celsius.

For the very best results, use Coratex in conjunction with Cora-Tools - the range of hand tools developed by Wirtz Australia to safeguard your equipment against unnecessary damage during cleaning and processing.